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Merry Xmen

In Hidden Number, Random on December 12, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Xmas stocking with HN logo

Merry Xmen

[As dictated by bassist Joe Stuhff, via electric medium]

Not too many stockings bear a printed depiction of an open mouthed serpent–ornamental Christmas stockings even less so. God smiles upon us, Jesus is one year older, and Allah and Ganesh are drinking hot cocoa with Quetzalcoatl. Christmas trees are decorated, from Korea to Israel, and Eskimos eat glazed ham for dinner. The demon who inhabits Frosty the Snowman’s body is summoned and duly banished. Atheists, agnostics, and evangelists share a thin gruel of bitter falsehood.Vikings and communists alike regain a veneer of humanity. Happy Festivus to one and all!