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Thanks, hand stand guy

In Events, Hidden Number on January 23, 2010 at 8:24 pm
Hidden Number at the Comet Tavern

Hidden Number at the Comet Tavern

 Thanks to everyone for the stupendous turnout, despite it being a Sunday night and our ridiculously early show time!   If you click on this underlined phrase, then some magic electric pictures will appear from the last show at the Comet.  Erynn took these photos.  We are always very happy when he takes pictures, especially when they are of us.  Also, you just can’t go wrong when he gets all tilt shifty.  We played with Dead Cinema, Mr. Frederick, and Black Science, and we’re friends now.  We hope Mr. Fredrick was able to find suitable grilled cheese sandwhiches at 3am that were of the same or higher quality as Portland grilled cheese sandwiches.

It was entertaining when an enebriated gentleman started doing handstands in the front of Black Science.  We were kind of jealous, but I don’t know how those guys held it together.  How does someone with a muted nervous system stay aloft in such a manner, while Black Science is rocking so hard?

Our set list was as follows: Static Age (The Misfits), Human Error, Midnight Beachboy, Fanged 2 Deth, Friendz for Evar, Hybrid Moments (The Misfits), U R Transparent

We want to make friends with you at our next show, and maybe even fall in love.  It’s going to be all about you, baby.  Here are upcoming dates:


(Feb 3 @ Nectar, and Feb 25 @ Rendezvous)

The next show will feature a funny robot.



  1. I just remembered. There was an older gentleman who came up to Dean, and I heard him go off on how inspired he was by the theramin work and some general stuff. That’s why we show up.

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