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Empty Corpses

In Drunk Blogging on January 25, 2010 at 2:52 am

Seattle is a giant cynical pile of saturated, inbred music critics.  Sometimes its overwhelming.  We get up there on stage, and we really really have to tap into some kind of energy from inside our hearts, while we fight the frozen stares of Seattle hipster zombie infective corpse parasites.  If you pay money, take time out of your lives and go to a show, why just sit there?  What’s the point?  Okay, yeah, you go to a company party featuring Third Eye Blind and you are more interested in networking and hors d’oeuvres.  Expected.  But you deliberately came to our show and sit there and stare, because god knows we’re too  loud for you to carry on any kind of sensible conversation.  Don’t bother.  You kill my soul. 

I look back on the various bands I’ve been in, and there was a difference.  There was energy.  There was genuinity.  There was soul.  Does something happen when you turn 21 or when you move to Seattle, or when you grow up in Seattle?  Do you lose your will to live? 

We’re going to try to find some all ages venues and shows, and see if we can find our muse.  There are people out there who care.  It’s not you.    If you hated us, you’d leave.  If you liked us, you would get up and try to knock our mic stands over.

I think we might get our mic stands knocked over if we played some all ages shows.  We’ll still play for you and take your money, though, because we need your money to pay for drumsticks and picks.  Even more, though, we need our souls back.


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