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Pork and beans

In Recipes on November 15, 2008 at 8:09 pm

[A regular series as dictated by bassist Joe Stuhff]

4-6 SMOKED pork shanks, sliced, whole, or halved.
*1 bag of dried beans (pinto, black, or a soulful mix)
Some water
A rather large pot with a lid and excellent heat distribution

*It is usually necessary to soak your dried beans overnight. If you have not done so, please shoot yourself. Canned beans are not an acceptable substitute. This is soul food, it should not be easy.

Place the beans on the stove and cook as per the instructions on the bag they came with. Then add the pork shanks.This should take between 4 and 6 hours, during which you can make

This is not so much a recipe as a method of combining several foodstuffs together to make an UBERFOODSTUFF!

Krusteaz(c) or Jiffy(c) brand cornbread mix
At least one ear of corn
A small amount of original Fritos(c), completely crushed into smithereens
A cute little muffin pan, I mean frickin’ miniature!

Make the corn batter. To this add less than a half handful of the Frito(c) crumbs.Pour the batter in those little tiny muffin cups until they are halfway full. Then, in each cup, deposit between 4 and 8 kernels of fresh corn. Now fill the cups completely and bake. After four or five minutes of baking, quickly remove the still-doughy cakes and give the crowns a dusting of Fritos(c) crumb. Continue the baking process, and eat with your pork and beans!

Good Eating!