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Hidden Number live on Sat March 21st, 9pm,

In Events, Hidden Number on March 15, 2009 at 3:09 pm
Hidden Number live at the Josephine, Sat March 21st, 9pm, 21+

Hidden Number live on Sat March 21st, 9pm, 21+

We’ve tuned up our gadgetry and sung arpeggios into the mirror, so that must mean another show is approaching.  Get ready to hear some lyrics over our newest song, Midnight Beachboy.  It’s a night of post rock experimentation with our instruments and each other.

Saturday March 21st at 9pm, 21+

with Freejail, Shining Ones, and The Family Curse (from SF!)

If you got our newsletter, you know where it is.  Otherwise you’ll have to ask us, or your friends, because it’s an extra special super secret show.  It’s a perfectly private pitty party.